Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Refrigerator Magnet Poetry

Awesome fun for poetry lovers!  Here's a chance to manipulate words, play with sounds and meanings in a new format--just like on your fridge at home.  Magnetic Poetry offers several different kits of words.  Select from The Artist, Genius, The Poet, Romance, or Office related words. Just move the "magnets" from the kit into a meaninful poetic form--rhyme or not--any form will do.  Teachers with interactive white boards may want to let students move the words, but even without the display board, students can work from their own computers or from the teacher's projected computer.  The submit option and a print option allow poets to share and keep their work.  This is a new form of word play that students are sure to enjoy.

Take a look at the sample below.

Use for poetry or for word play--the options are only as limited as our imaginations!
It's probably a good idea to stay out of the poetry archives since we never know what somebody else might have written since we last visited the site.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Have you joined Skype in the Classroom?

We know that Skype, the home of free Internet phone calls and chats, has opened the door to many learning opportunities for our students.  The trick is finding the ideas and cooperating groups to talk to as we integrate this awesome communication tool.  While communicating with the classroom next door or even across the district may be a first step, there has to be something more we can do.

Skype in the Classroom Home Page
Meet Skype in the Classroom.  This free community for educators was created by Skype to connect teachers and students with common interests worldwide.  All you have to do is sign up for a free account.  Then be sure to indicate your areas of interest so that you can be grouped with others of similar interest. 

Now you can find lesson ideas, tips and tricks, resources for your classroom, experts, and others with whom your class can communicate locally, nationally, and internationally.  How cool would it be to get a new perspective on movement of tectonic plates from a class that resides in the ring of fire?  Wouldn't it be fun to find an audience for your students' writing on the other side of the world?

Register now for your free account.  All you'll need is a Skype software download, a webcam or document camera, and a microphone.  It's that easy!