Friday, April 27, 2012

Everyone likes the word "FREE", and if you're no exception, take a look at the interactive math lessons from DreamBox Learning®. These math tools are aligned with the Standards for Mathematical Practice and are organized by grade and topic.  Topics range from Kindergarten level through 4th grade.  Because the lessons are interactive, they are fun and engaging for students and may help students to grasp difficult concepts using virtual manipulative.  Students may try these 25 lessons at the interactive whiteboard or may go through them individually at computers where a whiteboard is not available. Of course the interactive board will provide the greatest advantage because here students can work with their teacher and others to manipulate tools, explain, and discuss their thinking.

Free Interactive Math Tools

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Brain Breaks

Just in time for testing, try some of these Brain Breaks from the Michigan Department of Education, physical activities to get their brains flowing!

Learn some "Smart Moves" with Brain Gym® Exercises that can be implemented in any classroom to engage both sides of the brain.

At Games for the Brain you and your students can play interactive computer games that get the mind working in many directions.  Many of these games can be played at the interactive white board by individuals or as a group.  Chinese Checkers is a fun starter with easy rules for a variety of ability levels.

Brain tip: Change Your Environment! Eat lunch somewhere new, drive a new route to work (for students take a new path to your classroom), or change your household routines. Changing your environment helps to keep your brain stimulated.