Monday, October 13, 2014

ChatterPix App

The Chatterpix Kids app for iPad can make anything talk.  Students in our NGDC class took photos of objects around the room, drew a line to make a mouth, and recorded their voices. The app allows students to share their videos with classmates, their teacher, and parents--another exciting way to publish their research!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Meet our NGDC Class

"Through the Next Generation Digital Classroom (NGDC) strategic design and implementation, Round Rock ISD intends to create “incubator classrooms” at each school designed to foster the integration of new teaching and learning with the help of mobile/tablet technology. Currently, this means one classroom at all 51 campuses will be a designated Next Generation Classroom . . . The next generation classroom will set standards for what the digital classroom can look like in the future and will redefine the way teaching and learning take place."

Meet Robertson Elementary's Next Gen Classroom--Mrs. Marnie Rundquist's 2nd grade class. Throughout the year, we will highlight activities, lessons, projects and thoughts of Mrs. Rundquest and her pioneering 2nd graders.

"This is super-exciting," said one second grader about their experience with the SockPuppet app on their iPads. Here, students planned and wrote an expository piece--a script for their sock puppets. The iPad app recorded the student's voice reading the script, giving it a sock puppet sound, and played it back in a video that students could share with each other and with their teacher. What an exciting way to make writing come alive in the classroom!