Thursday, November 4, 2010

Storybird: An Inspiring Resource for Young Writers

New & Noted books from the Storybird library
"Storybirds are short, visual stories that you make with family and friends to share and print." This collaborative resource allows students to choose books already illustrated by professional artists to inspire their own stories.  The beautiful art helps writers to create stories quickly in a collaborative environment.  Use Storybird with small groups of students, or as a whole-class activity with the teacher.  This provides a wonderful opportunity to talk about storytelling with students and to share stories with the class.  Each story can be printed, viewed on-screen, or contributed to the Storybird library where students can read each other's work and share with their families at home.  Teachers may want to ask students to focus on classroom themes, on grade-level curriculum, or specific vocabulary as they invent characters and events. Reluctant writers may find this site engaging and easy to use. Take a look, then remember Storybird as you plan your next creative writing lesson.