Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Promethean Users Old and New

There's no time like now to take a look at what's already available to help as you work with an interactive whiteboard.  Since both of my campuses use Promethean boards, here are some great links for you to use throughout the year.

Promethean Planet--Register now for a free account if you haven't yet.  This site has a wealth of resources for teachers at all grade levels.  Download resource packs to add new images and backgrounds to your flipcharts.  Browse and download flipcharts by topic or by state standard. Their ActivTips are short, tutorial videos that show just enough to get you started with just about anything Promethean.  (also linked to campus web)

RRISD Flipchart Wiki--These flipcharts are available from Round Rock teachers.  No need to join the wiki, just use its resources.  Some of the flipcharts are tweaked from Promethan Planet, and some are original, but the great part is that they are listed by grade level and follow the ARRC! You are welcome to save them and use as-is or adjust to your liking.  (also linked to campus web)

Promethean Boards Bound--This teacher's blog has some helpful tutorials that explain how to do almost anything you will need with a Promethean board, voters, and flipcharts.  Take a few minutes to survey what's available so that next time you think, "I wonder how to . . .", you'll remember this resource.

Try this blog for a wealth of information both basic and more advanced.

I know that I'm looking forward to this year's new ActivCafe.  Round Rock teachers who use Promethean products will get together once a month to learn from Promethean company educators, share ideas, and have time to create.  And yes, there will be good snacks involved!  Stay tuned.