Thursday, March 22, 2012

Morgue File

No, morgue files are not photos of the dead. A morgue file is a location where journalists archive their unused photos.This is a public image archive with very lenient licensing agreements--pretty much don't claim that you took the photo. I can't say that it's safe for students to search these photos because I haven't been through all of the 100s of thousands of them, but you'll find for teachers creating presentations, it's a source that it's rich with beautiful shots of animals and all kinds of things you'd commonly want in a search. It's also possible for teachers to do the search and save a file of photos for students to use.  

Want photos of "happy" or "mad" faces?  These are among the search options. Try searching for "Shakespeare" and look at all of the photos that are available.  I tried several rather random searches such as "dreams" , "ideas", and "soil", getting usable photos for all.  This is an amazing photo resource. Take a look!

Licensing agreements: