Monday, January 6, 2014

Mind for a Change

My resolution this year isn't to lose 20 pounds (though it probably should be), and it isn't to stop making frivolous purchases (though it definitely $hould be), and I won't plan to speak a new language fluently by next year (which would be nice).  Instead I resolve to open my mind to change.

Change is difficult to initiate and even more difficult to maintain.  Just ask someone who has lost and then regained weight. Healthy weight loss involves a lifestyle change rather than a temporary diet. To find success we need to negotiate with ourselves to map our lifestyle change along with a plan to reward ourselves when we do make that change a part of our being.

Not all change is good, and I'm not planning to become a pushover who accepts every change that comes across the path. Instead, I will consider changes openly weighing the benefits against the risks. I'll remind myself that there's always time for worthwhile pursuits.

Today I'm encouraging each of you to join me out on that flexible limb. When change and opportunities come your way this year, plan to be a person who meets changes with the words, "Why not?" instead of "Why?"